Connaught Place Map

Isa Khan's Tomb

Isa Khan's tomb is located just south of Bu Halima enclosure. It consists of an octagonal garden fence with entrance to the north. Located in the center of the mausoleum. When the central octagonal chamber surrounded by verandahs on both sides of the holes in the three arches, the mausoleum stands a small pedestal and surrounded by a dwarf wall.
                                         Over the arches runs a chhajja and each page is up there on the roof of a vaulted chhatri with the central dome rises 1:30 to 2:00-sided drum. The sides of the chamber is closed by a perforated stone slabs with the exception of the west and south. The west side contains a minhrab inside, while the southern side forming the main entrance. One project mosque with three domes on the west side of the octagonal chamber. It follows the typical pattern of Lodi octagonal tombs