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Delhi Metro


The vast network of Delhi metro station proved to be the boon for the problem of traffic in the capital city of India. Started in 2002, the journey so far has really provided comfort in combination of elevated, at-grade and rapid transit system in every one’s life at Delhi.

 The complex network mainly includes 3 different route plans namely Blue, Yellow and Red lines, each following the particular route connecting different locations of Delhi. Few locations in this entire metro system have been designated as interchanging stations and Rajiv chowk metro station is one such in the list.

Rajiv Chowk Station is the key metro station on Delhi's Metro Rail system being one of the largest and busiest stations in the network. It lies directly underneath the centre of Connaught Place, the shopping and business hub of the city.

 The station is the interchange point for the Blue line running from north to south Delhi and Yellow lines running from east to west Delhi. Rajiv Chowk metro station opens from 6 in morning to 11 at night with different metros running at fixed time intervals all 7 days in the week.

Metro also runs the smooth computerized ticketing system in the form of tokens or smart cards for daily travelers. Fares range from 6 to 22 rupees depending on the distance to be traveled.

Rajiv Chowk metro station also provides the adequate parking space in the crowded area of CP. Along with this Rajiv chowk metro station offers flawless facilities of helpline, ATM’s of different banks, eating joints, coffee shops, book and magazine gallery, clean washrooms and above all the tight security.

The stations have special care for handicaps and senior citizens with escalators and lifts in place.





















Delhi Metro Train Timings: 6 AM to 10 PM

Last trains available at Interchange Station of Kashmere Gate

At 22:28 Hrs for going towards Shahdara

At 22:10 Hrs for going towards Rithala

At 23:12 Hrs for going towards Vishwa Vidyalaya

At 22:56 Hrs for going towards Central Secretariat

At 22:30 Hrs for going towards Barakhamba

At 21:42 Hrs for going towards Dwaraka       Sector - 9

Last trains available at Interchange Station of Rajiv Chowk

At 22:12 Hrs for going towards Shahdara

At 21:48 Hrs for going towards Rithala

At 23:04 Hrs for going towards Vishwa Vidyalaya

At 23:05 Hrs for going towards Central Secretariat

At 22:53 Hrs for going towards Barakhamba

At 22:01 Hrs for going towards    Dwarka Sector-9



Tips for comfortable and hassle free Metro travel



Things to do while traveling:

->  Always take care of your belongings while traveling.

-> Always hold the hand rail while standing.

-> Try to offer seat to old age people or pregnant women or lady with a child.

->  Stand back from the metro’s doors.

->  Carefully hear all announcements and prepare your self for getting down in               advance  before the arrival of your destination.  

-> Use safety belts for people in wheel chairs.




Things to do while using  Escalators

-> Hold the handrail while using the escalator.


-> Stand facing forward.


->  Hold children firmly.


-> Keep feet within yellow lines.


-> Do not use the escalator when it is not working.


-> Move away from escalator after reaching the destination.


->  In case of emergency, press emergency stop switches located at the bottom, top & centre of the escalator.

Things to do while using Elevator

->  Stand clear of the doors .


->  Do not keep your hand on the doors.


->  Press destination button.


->  If the doors of the elevator do not open, use alarm button/intercom and wait.


->  Do not open the doors with force.


->  If there is a fire in the building use the stairs.