Lotus Temple is located 12 km south of Connaught Place. Architecturally, temples, a shining India, Delhi Lotus Temple is so called because it integrates into the lotus flower. The temple was completed in 1986 and rose to over 40 m. Located Bahapur Hills, which are the seventh and final Baha'i churches worldwide. Bahai Temple in New Delhi is a white marble monument designed as a half-opened lotus. Twenty-seven giant lotus petals of white marble from the source of the nine groups and church halls. These corridors are the nine unifying spiritual paths of the Baha'i faith. manicured lawns surrounding the building, the Lotus Temple.Silence is the space in the Lotus Temple in New Delhi. In addition, we must remove their shoes in the receptacle.

It consists of marble, cement, sand and dolomite, this temple is often equated with the Sydney Opera House. Bahai Temple in Delhi has often been compared to Sydney Opera House. And 'this simple, but still lobby 34.27 meters in the middle of the temple, where people sit and meditate. Petal niches in the temple is engraved with quotes from the Baha'i writings to promote. Although the temple belongs to the Bahai sect, is open to people of all faiths. Baha'i religion, an independent, is a very important prayer and meditation tools to progress in the human. Committed to the unity of all religions and of humanity, which dates back to the prophet Bahaullah was born in Persia in the 20th century.

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